Professional Home Rewiring

Protecting Homes in Port St. Lucie, Stuart, Jupiter, Palm Beach Gardens, Vero Beach & the Surrounding Cities

Older homes are prime candidates for home rewiring when their outdated or faulty wiring system increases the chance of electrical hazards. We use more electronic devices than ever before and rely on outlets to provide the energy we need. Even with smarter, energy-saving electronics, older homes have a difficult time with computers, home entertainment systems, voice devices, and more. When your electrical system is strained and in need of rewiring, the skilled electricians at My Electrician can provide the necessary solution.

Electricity is an essential part of your home. Your power needs to be up-to-date to get the most of your system and save money by using the appropriate amount of power at the right time. Even worse, a home with insufficient wiring puts you and your family in danger. That is why our Port St. Lucie home rewiring technicians offer a written guarantee for all electrical work we perform.

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How to Determine If You Need to Rewire Your Electrical System

Rewiring means that old wires will be removed and replaced with new ones. Your current electrical panel is examined to ensure that it can handle the increased electrical load. Unlike other electrical companies, we only replace what is necessary to bring your home up to standards, which saves you money.

Call our electricians for home rewiring if you have any of the following:

  • Aluminum wiring
  • Cloth-insulated wiring
  • Insufficient power
  • Knob and tube wiring
  • Minimal outlets and switches
  • Overuse of extension cords
  • Ungrounded wiring or outlets
  • Wiring installed before 1950

Maintaining your home involves bringing systems up-to-date that may need some additional care. Our team of electricians is passionate about what we do. With over three decades of experience bringing top-quality electrical services to homes in St. Lucie, Martin, Indian River and Palm Beach Counties and the surrounding areas, My Electrician is the trusted choice for homeowners.

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