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Weather plays a huge role in power outages. For example, the Edison Electrical Institute estimates that close to 70-percent of all power outages in the United States are weather-related. Lightning tops the reason for types of weather responsible followed by snow, hail and wind for the main causes.

For residents living in Florida, and in Boca Raton in particular, natural disasters such as hurricanes are all part of the mix.

Other power outages are caused by animals (11-percent). This is when some kind of wildlife comes into contact with a power line or a small animal got caught in a power substation and ended up shutting down the system. The survey concludes with a surprising value of 19-percent of all power outages in the US being caused by humans. They include vehicle accidents with power poles, construction incidents and other accidents that take place involving humans.

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The interesting thing about power outages is that there are several different types of power failures with as many different causes and effects. The most significant of the types of power outages is one that is termed as simply a blackout. A blackout is where power is completely lost in a specific geographic area. In Florida it is easy to track such outages when you have electrical power by using an online source provided by Florida Power & Light. Known as simply the“Power Tracker” you can log on and see what areas of Florida are without power and follow status reports related to the restoration of power.

What makes restoring power in any kind of outage difficult is coordinating utilities and power stations in an effort to pinpoint the cause and then work to repair it. This often takes considerable amount of effort leaving customers in the dark for long periods of time depending on the nature of the outage. This does not mean emergency crews are not already on the job. Sometimes a lot of the time spent during a power outage is during the phase where utility crews are trying to locate the source of the outage.

When our homes and electronics are powerless for extended periods of time different kinds of damage may occur. The same goes for once power returns and if any power appliances are connected to power outlets. Sometimes even a minor surge in power can damage electronics. There are several ways to protect delicate electronic devices in the event of a power outage. For information on the ways in which you can protect the power connections in your home, contact us at My Electrician.

Because we live and work in and around Boca Raton we are well aware of the kind of electrical repair work you may require following an extensive and extended power outage. All you have to do is give our electrical contractors a call at (877) 310-4582 or email our My Electrician office to arrange for an appointment to inspect your current electrical service and explore options to protect your property in the future.

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