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Amazing Dock Lighting in Port St. Lucie

Making Your Boat Dock Look Amazing

If you live on the water with a dock, LED lighting can give your dock a stunning look and open it up to more enjoyable use at night. It also provides a safer environment when docking your boat at night. If you’re interested in dock lighting give My Electrician a call. One of our licensed electricians can discuss your options and even come out to survey the dock area and provide a total cost quote for you.

Dock Lighting

Design Ideas for Your Dock Lighting

LED lighting has enabled some amazing visual things to be done with dock lighting, and with the energy efficiency of LED, it’s now more affordable to have them consistently on as well.

Here are some ideas on how you can make the most out of your LED dock lighting in Port St. Lucie:

  • Dock post lighting- Usually installed every 10 to 20 feet, we put a wide casting light on a wood or galvanized post that lights up the dock and surrounding water or boat area with a soft light. We suggest light posts high enough to keep the attracted flying insects comfortably above where you will be walking.
  • Less bright walking marker lights- Often attached to dock pilings that rise above the dock, or attached to the top and side of a dock board. These are nice when you want the visual walking assistance at night without attracting mosquitoes.
  • LED strip that runs the length of the dock- This can be attached to the top of the dock stringer underneath the dock planks. It casts a soft light onto the water and adds a nice detail to the dock, similar to under cabinet lighting in the kitchen.
  • Underwater dock lights- The perfect lighting for fishing enthusiasts. These come in a variety of sizes and really light up the water and attract bait fish.

LED lights can be attached to pilings and dock stringers, or even hang down into the water. For lights in the water, we suggest a line to allow them to be raised and cleaned occasionally. For those really wanting to attract fish, a three-foot LED tube lighting can be used.

Benefits of Dock Lighting in Port St. Lucie

One of the best benefits that you can enjoy from LED dock lighting is its ability to transform your boat dock into a visually stunning place where you can spend most of your time in. With our different lighting concept, you get to enjoy your boat dock more. Some of the best feedback we received from our customers include being able to watch with their family a school of snook hanging out right in the dock light during an incoming or outgoing tide and waiting for shrimps or bait fish to come into view.

Our LED lights are available in different colors including white, blue, green, and even red. Red is said to attract bugs less, blue casts a stunning light, and green is claimed to be a little better at attracting fish, although blue seems to do the job just fine too.

For more dock lighting ideas, contact our Port St. Lucie electricians at (877) 310-4582. My Electrician is looking forward to helping you with your dock lighting project.

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