Why You Should Only Use A Certified Electrician For Your Home Repairs

Building a new structure? Maybe your home is due for an inspection before selling, or perhaps there are problems with the lights; electrical issues are no joke. Electricity is a miracle of humanity, allowing us to power appliances and lights with a flick of the switch but it is also dangerous. With a danger of electrocution ever present, only use a certified electrician for your home repairs. Electric Hazards Electricity is an amazing energy source but if handled poorly, can cause traumatic problems. Take a look at house fires, 57% of all home fires started because of electrical issues. (NFPA.org) This statistic alone shows how serious electrical problems are. The positioning of wires under the floorboards and between walls makes working with electricity a job that requires years of training. Certified Electricians are the only people you should be trusting to prevent electrical fires. During repairs, the risk of electrocution is a serious concern. Trying to pull off a DIY electrical fix puts you at risk of extreme injury and even death. A simple brush of a loose wire, or one electrical surge can quickly end any at home repair project. Even if you are not doing the electrical yourself and instead hire someone, be sure they are a certified electrician. Just because someone claims to have the experience necessary, it doesn’t mean they have had the proper training. Hiring someone without certification is like trusting a webMD expert to be your doctor. It is a dangerous gamble, and one you don’t have to participate in.

Certified Electricians

With all this talk about certified electricians, what makes them so special? First and foremost, the training they receive is top notch. Electricians must work with a skilled professional as an apprentice before even being allowed to test for a license. This gathering of knowledge ensures every certified electrician has undergone extreme vetting before being allowed into the profession. Not many professions are as rigorous or as dangerous. Because the job is so demanding, the profession must be selective on who is certified. Your electrician has committed their life to the trade, putting in many years of effort and training. Not only is their training and background extremely professional, but a certified electrician is always insured. Because electricity is so unpredictable, accidents can still happen. A professional who is fully insured guarantees you peace of mind in the off chance an accident does occur. Imagine the awful consequences if an undertrained and uncertified electrician was injured on your property. Not using a certified electrician can mean lawsuits and even injuries. Not to mention the subpar installation and service. When the walls go back up and the wires are re-hidden, any mistakes or unprofessional work puts your property at risk. Only use a certified electrician for any electrical work you are in need of. You can trust in their education, skill set, and sleep soundly knowing the work was done correctly.