Electrical Inspection and Your New Home

Looking to buy a new home or perhaps you just did? Congratulations! Not to rain on your parade, but ensuring your homes electricity is in good working order can help to prevent fires and loss of life. Like everything else inside your home, the wiring and electrical work can break and will become outdated. Ensuring this is not the case is why having an electrical inspection completed is so important. Electricity is unlike any other aspect of your home, it can kill you. Please call on a professional to do any inspections and repairs. Licensed electricians are thoroughly trained and have the experience to save you and your family from unnecessary heartache.

Problems with your Electricity

The reason having an inspection in your new home is so important is because any problems with your wiring and outlets can create life and death situations. Some of the more common problems are laid out below:
  • Switches and outlets should be in working order. Any cracks or loose outlets that cannot hold a plug need to be repaired.
  • Look for ground wires in all electrical components. Some older homes are built without the all important ground wire, and it might be necessary to have them installed.
  • Aluminum wires. During the late 1970’s and early 1980’s, copper prices had some electricians using aluminum wires instead of copper. This is exceptionally dangerous because aluminum has been the cause of numerous house fires. Having an inspection can discover if your home has this antiquated technology.
  • Improper appliances. Understanding the power needs and what your home’s circuits can handle is important in realizing which appliances are safe or not. The inspection is very important in rooms like the kitchen and laundry where large sized machines draw large amounts of power. Adjusting and even installing new electrical outlets may be necessary

Why having an Electrical Inspection is important

The electrical inspection service is designed to protect investments and save lives. When moving into a new home it is important to understand all the quirks and challenges associated with your investment. Electricity is a utility that brings incredible luxuries and quality of life improvements but it is also one that can be deadly. It is OK to not be an expert in electricity. Not everyone can do everything by themselves, that’s why an entire industry exists. The people who are conducting the inspection have your best interests in mind. It is important to choose the right company for the service. Local businesses who have seen and experienced the construction of homes similar to your own offer the best option. Being in South Florida, the electricity goes through many stresses not seen elsewhere in the country. Air conditioning units, hurricanes, and even salty air are unique aspects to life in paradise. My Electrician has licensed professionals with more than 10 years of experience. Serving the Treasure Coast from Vero Beach down to West Palm Beach, this company is truly the best in the area.