Will Dock Lighting Increase the Traffic Flow of Bait Fish?

For many, fishing is more than a hobby; it’s an escape. Fishing works as a pass to forget about your worries and focus soley on sending out your reel for a bite on the end. Unfortunately for many fisherman though, the sport can quickly turn from relaxing to frustrating when the lake seems to have run dry. They try everything from changing up their techniques to testing fancy baits, but nothing seems to work. At that point, what is there to do besides move locations or pick up a new hobby? No need to take the fishing boat out miles or pack up the gear and drive to a new lake; we’ve got one technique you haven’t tried. Dock lighting is a proven trick to drive baitfish to your dock. With dock lighting you can sit back, relax and crack open that beer while the lighting does all the work.

How does dock lighting increase fish flow?

Skilled fishermen have been using lighting to lure in fish for decades, even centuries. In the early days fishermen would hang lanterns on the side of the boat to attract fish and that concept has expanded into today’s dock lighting, which works attract hundreds of fish each night. So, why does it work so well? Simply because plankton are attracted to light. The conglomeration of plankton draws in bait fish such as shad and minnows to feed, which in turn brings larger game. Dock lighting is essentially a catalyst for the food chain.

Choosing dock lighting

When choosing dock lighting, there is nothing as effective and cost efficient as LED lighting. For the best fishing, a 3 foot LED tube lighting is a powerful solution to attracting game. At My Electrician we offer underwater LED lights in three colors: red, blue and green. The red works to attract less bugs, the blue creates a soothing and beautiful environment, and the green is said to be the best at attracting fish. No matter the color, with LED lights you are guaranteed to enjoy an increased traffic flow of fish and a beautiful aesthetic for your dock. The soft lighting not only creates a stunning look, but it also provides a safer environment when docking a boat at night. LED lighting is easier on the eyes when docking at night and less blinding than typical marker lights; they also attract less mosquitos than marker lights as well.

Get Dock Lighting

If you are living in Florida and want to maximize your fishing game, while increasing your dock’s aesthetic, dock lighting is the way to go. Call My Electrician for an expert look at installing your LED lighting. When it comes to electricity, do-it-yourself projects are extremely dangerous, and you can end up losing much more than just a buck or two. Our electric services include problem troubleshooting and repair, installation of new fixtures, upgrades to specific circuits and 24/7 service for emergencies. Call us at (877) 310-4582 to get your estimate and learn more about how dock lighting can increase your traffic flow for bait fish.